Community Council

Notice of electors’ rights of access to audited accounts

Llanedi Community Council serves the communities of Llanedi, Tycroes and Hendy.

The Community Council consists of sixteen elected councillors; seven representing Tycroes, one representing Llanedi and eight representing Hendy/FForest. Your councillors are listed under the Members and Declarations section of this web site.

What is a community Council?

“A community council is a body corporate consisting of the chair and the community councillors. Community councillors are elected by the local government electors for the community and hold office for a term of 4 years. The chair is elected annually by the council from among the councillors.

Community councils were established under the Local Government Act 1972 (LGA 1972) and replaced the previous system of parish councils. 

The functions of a community council are set out in LGA 1972 and in other legislation. Among the services and amenities they most commonly provide are village halls, playing fields and open spaces, seats, shelters, street lighting and footpaths. Under the Local Government Act 2000 (as amended by the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011), community councils have power to do anything they consider is likely to achieve the promotion or improvement of the economic well-being, social well-being or environmental well-being of their area.

The main source of funding for community councils is the funds raised through what is referred to as a precept (a charge) to council tax under section 41 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992. A community council must calculate its budget requirement for a financial year in accordance with section 50 of that Act and issue a precept to the billing authority. A community council’s expenses are paid out of the funds received by the precept. In addition the Welsh Ministers may, under section 219 of the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011, pay a grant to community councils”