Grants & Awards

Terry Price Award and Community Council Grants Deadlines extended to at least the end of June. We will keep you updated if this should change. Thanks!

Terry Price Youth Achievement Award

Llanedi Community Council wishes to recognise and celebrate the achievements of young people who reside within its area of responsibility – the villages of Tycroes, Llanedi, Fforest and Hendy (including Talyclun).

The Council has, therefore, established an award which will be given annually to a young person, under the age of 25, who is considered to be worthy of recognition for his or her personal achievement. 

The award may be given for significant personal achievement in any field, including (but not limited to) the following:-

Sport: including all team games, athletics, individual games or activities (e.g. golf, angling), in short anything which is recognised as a competitive sporting activity.

Creative and Expressive Arts: including drama, writing, music, art, crafts and any other creative activity.

Social, Environmental and Community Activities: including activities which improve the local environment and the lives of people living in the community (e.g. a single act or course of action involving help or kindness to others, such as aiding the infirm or disadvantaged or caring for a disabled family member).

Academic Success: including outstanding achievement in public examinations or other comparable measures of success and significant progress in overcoming particular personal difficulties, such as poor health, disability or other disadvantages and barriers to progress.


The nominee must be under the age of 25 on the 1st January in the year in which the prize is awarded.

The nominee must have been resident in the Community of Llanedi (i.e. Tycroes/Llanedi/Fforest/Hendy/Talyclun) continuously for at least 2 years during the last 5 year period. (“Resident” is defined as the nominee (or his/her parents/carers) being on the electoral roll of the Hendy, Llanedi or Tycroes Ward during the stipulated period and temporary residents, such as students in rented accommodation, will not be eligible.)


The award will consist of a cash prize of £100 and a plaque to be retained by the recipient.

The award is not a scholarship and will be awarded in recognition of past achievement.

Nominations must be submitted in writing (in either Welsh or English) before the 3rd April in the relevant year either by letter or by e-mail to Mr David Davies, Clerk and Surveyor to Llanedi Community Council, at Cwmffrwd Farm, Llandeilo Road, Glanamman, Ammanford, Carmarthensire SA18 2DZ or

Nominations must be supported by suitable evidence (e.g. certificates, records of achievement) or by a written statement by at least one suitable referee who should endorse and validate the nomination.

The nominee will need to give his/her written approval for the application.

Members of Llanedi Community Council may nominate candidates for consideration but Members and Officers of the Council will not be eligible for nomination.

The award may be withheld if no application is deemed to be of a sufficiently high standard.

The decision of the Council will be final.

Please note that the award will be presented at the Annual Chairman’s Dinner of the Council and that details of the presentation will be released to the local press and publicised generally.