Tycroes Growing Together



This exciting lottery funded project aims to develop opportunities for local people to engage with and improve green spaces within the village. It will develop these spaces for the benefit of the community, the environment, our biodiversity and tackle issues such as water attenuation.

The project will focus on:

  • Developing wildflower meadows and creating a wildflower corridor for the Marsh Fritillery butterfly and other species (linked to the existing Caeau Mynydd Mawr Marsh Fritillary area).
  • Creating a community orchard which will also help with drainage around a community asset (Scout’s Hall).
  • Improving access to a small woodland and creating better opportunities to explore and play in the ‘wild’.
  • Developing a community growing space – using raised beds so that all generations can take part and learn from each other.

We will be organising events and activities on-line and ‘live’ as restrictions allow.

In line with our environmental policy, the project will aim to be fully sustainable.

The project is supported by the following local organisations:

  • Carmarthenshire Scouts
  • Tycroes PTA and Tycroes Primary School
  • Tycroes Trekkers
  • Tycroes Old Age
  • Tycroes Youth Club
  • Mynydd Mawr Woodland Park


The project relies on individuals and groups working together. Volunteer roles include: wardens, gardeners, wildlife recorders, researchers and more, If you would like to volunteer, please contact the Friends via Facebook ://www.facebook.com/FOTycroesParks/ Or ring 0786 2218066


The two sites included in the project are green areas that are treasured by local people. Together they cover over 66,300 square meters.

The land at Heol Brown and Cwmfferws Park includes a mixture of river corridor, semi-natural
ground, reclaimed (former industrial) ground and natural woodland. They already provide a mixture of habitats and a recreational resource for local people. However, they could be vastly improved in order to make them work harder for wildlife, tackle water attenuation and engage the local population who are currently passive users of the spaces rather than actively involved in them.

In terms of historic features, Cwmfferws Park includes a mining memorial. This is a reminder that the village grew as a coal town during the industrial revolution thanks first to a number of small mines and then the development of Brown Colliery at Waun y Wernos (near what is today Tycroes Park). Many older residents remember that much
of the land around the park was gifted to the community by the National Coal Board. This project will build on that heritage by creating a sense of ownership among younger residents too.
The sites also have natural heritage importance given they are part of the Caer Mynydd Mawr project area (related to the Marsh Frittilery Butterfly).
The sites benefit from their proximity to local assets such as the children’s play-park, multi-use games area and a football pitch, as well as the Scout’s Hut which is well used by local organisations.

Draft project outline: