Council Meetings & Minutes

The full Council meets on the first Wednesday every month at 6.30pm, except in August.

The Council also has a number of sub- committees which meet when necessary.

Members of the public are welcome to attend Council meetings. Anyone who wishes to address the Council, will need to contact the Clerk before the council meeting.

Meeting Schedule 2020

Council Meetings – Covid 19

Due to the current situation with Corona virus, the normal meetings of the Council have been suspended. In order to enable the Council to continue with normal business Welsh Government has issued the Local Authorities (Coronavirus) (Meetings) (Wales) Regulations 2020. This legislation supersedes the normal legislation regarding the business of the Council and enables Councils to hold meetings online to protect Councillors and members of the public.

In order to enable members of the public to view future Council meetings online, it will be necessary for a request to be made to the Clerk in order that a code can be emailed which will allow access to view the meeting. Contact can be made by emailing David Davies on or phoning 07971 026493 in advance of the meeting.


14/4/2021Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom)
7/4/2021Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom)
10/3/2021Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom)
3/3/2021Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom)
3/2/2021Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom)
6/01/2021Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom)
2/12/2020Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom)
24/11/2020Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom)
5/11/2020Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom)
4/11/2020Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom
7/10/2020Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom)
25/9/2020Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom)
2/9/2020Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom)
3/7/2020Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom)
1/7/2020Click here for Council Meeting Agenda (Zoom)
30/6/2020Click here for Finance Agenda
24/6/2020Click here for Agenda
17/6/2020Click here for Agenda
3/6/2020Click here for Agenda
1/6/2020Click here for Agenda
13/5/2020Click here for Agenda
6/5/2020Click here for Agenda
4/3/2020Click here for Agenda
13/2/2020Click here for Agenda
22/1/2020Click here for Agenda
8/1/2020Click here for Agenda
4/12/19Click here for Agenda
6/11/2019Click here for Agenda
2/10/2019Click here for Agenda
4/9/2019Click here for Agenda
10/7/2019Click here for Agenda
5/6/2019Click here for Agenda
8/5/2019Click here for Agenda
1/5/2019Click here for Agenda
3/4/2019Click here for Agenda
6/3/2019Click here for Agenda
6/2/2019Click here for Agenda
17/1/2019Click here for Agenda
5/12/2018Click here for Agenda
7/11/2018Click here for Agenda
3/10/2018Click here for Agenda
5/9/2018Click here for Agenda
4/7/2018Click here for Agenda
6/6/2018Click here for Agenda
9/5/2018Click here for Agenda
2/5/2018Click here for Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Please click below to view meeting minutes in (PDF). Please note minutes need to be ratified before being uploaded. This happens at the subsequent council meeting.

March 22nd 2021
March 10th 2021
March 3rd 2021
February 18th 2021
February 3rd 2021
January 6th 2021
December 2nd 2020
November 24th 2020
November 5th 2020
November 4th 2020
October 7th 2020
September 25th 2020
September 2nd 2020
July 22nd 2020
July 1st 2020
June 30th 2020
June 24th 2020
June 17th 2020
June 3rd 2020
June 1st 2020
May 13th – 2020 Annual Meeting
May 6th 2020
April 2020 – No meeting held in April due to Covid-19
March 4th 2020
February 27th 2020
February 13th 2020
January 22nd 2020
January 8th 2020
December 17th 2019
December 4th 2019
November 6th 2019
October 2nd 2019
September 4th 2019
July 10th 2019
June 5th 2019
May 8th 2019
May 1st 2019
April 3rd 2019
March 6th 2019
February 6th 2019
January 17th 2019
December 5th 2018
November 7th 2018
October 3rd 2018
July 4th 2018
June 6th 2018
May 9th 2019